Friday, August 13, 2010

all right all right! i'll update!
My holidays started near the end of February and, now--- i'm still having my holidays!
Man! I want to study right now! Seeing so many of my friends starting school (some already started a few months back) makes me so envious. hmmm. maybe, i'm feeling more than just envious, i'm JEALOUS.

I travelled to 3 countries during my holidays.
Myanmar, Nepal and China (Fu Zhou).
Man! I'm not bragging or anything but, after my trip from Nepal, i didn't want to go to China. It was just too many aeroplane trips here and there. Some of the photographs are already on Facebook. (Sorry to those who are not my FB friends!)

Lately, i've been giving tuition to 3 kids, teaching piano to a primary school boy. I did 2 relief teaching sessions at Chua Chu Kang Pri. School for a music-keyboard programme.
Currently, i'm doing relief teaching at NUS-little skool house.
I'm just gonna get even busier.

Damn! Japanese class (elementary 2). Shiat! Test?

Even busier...
What? Sunday school teaching with my c0-teacher sitting down with the student to target question-bullets to shoot at me.
Gah! I'm dead meat.
Hah! Whatever! Even when i'm dead, i bet i'd still be busy. haha.

疲れた!もう いいよ!
ブライアンさん つかれたですよ!
ぼくわ て少しねむいんです!



Thursday, March 25, 2010

Prom night is next wednesday already.

Somehow, I don't really look forward to it since lots of my other friends and classmates are not attending.

Still, i'm gonna go and make the best out of the $65 i have paid. T.T

I've been watching so many japanese animes that i have lost count of how many animes i have completed. Doing this to familiarize with japanese too. Though it's not going to be enough. i need someone who can practice Japanese lang. with me!

Oh yeah. i was looking up the internet about Japanese language schools.
Who wants to join me in elementary class?
there's Ikoma and another school Bunka.
I'm quite interested in Bunka though.
here's the website:

Anybody who is interested please let me know. =)


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's time for me to go back to blogging 'bout my life.
I'm not on hiatus anymore!

Time has pass a tad too fast.

4 years back
i was still in YJC, joining 2 ccas thinking that I was good enough to handle them along with my studies.
JC was a tough time, at that time, the JC kids were saying:

hey man! I'm so envious about the poly students, they've got it really cool. Long lunch hour breaks, so SLACK and relaxed. They have longer holidays. And we have to start school 1 month earlier than them.

Random quotes from a teacher in YJC:
Physics teacher:
What is this? LOWEST MARKS IN THE WHOLE OF COLLEGE. Why don't you go to a poly instead?

Upon reflecting now, it just makes me think, is this the impression that polytechnic education/student/life leaves behind in people's mind?

3 years back
*cell phone rings*
Jason: Eh weihan! Ngee Ann Poly has Dip. In Psychology leh! I just thought i'd just call to let you know about it. (thanks jason! that call probably changed my whole life. for the better.)
At the time, i was studying for promotional exams.
Results wasn't great and was mediocre.

Life was like SHIT then. The only thing that made me look forward to school was the Guitar Ensemble.

I made a very big decision in my life. I talked to my parents about changing schools and studying what i wanted after 1 year of not knowing what i want to pursue in life.

I applied for:
1st choice: Psychology in NP
2nd choice: Early Childhood in NP
3rd choice: Business Study in NP
[the rest of the choices are not important]

I left YJC with helloads of weight off my chest and looking forward to my life in poly [making new friends, having many aspirations and dreams for my future which seemed brighter than before.

The postings came out and i got my 2nd choice. Albeit, being slightly disappointed for not getting my 1st choice, i was still happy.

Life was great in poly. I made new friends, joined an awesome cca [despite what happened in 2008], performed well in my studies and became more independent.

Field Practicum aka attachment, project work and performances in school, at esplanade, the NLB, at ngee ann city and others. Haaahhh.

I gained lots of experience from these performance and academic related stuff.

1 year ago:
Me: OMG! 2 years already, and now we are Year 3's. Suddenly feel less young! Damn it. These freshies are PLAYING laptop on the canteen tables during LUNCH HOUR? F $ % @! Not only that, people think i am a FRESHIE. Dammit, why do these freshies look so OLD.

Friend: YAR! Wah lao, kope table play laptop. da bao lunch already. no time!

and yet another conversation below...

Friend: wah lao. Who are the ones who keep saying POLY LIFE DAMN SLACK ONE ARH? If i hear anyone say that, i'll slap/smack them.

Me: yeah. Poly life just gives us more freedom to plan our time according to deadlines given by the school.

Now (2010)
Having gone through 3 years of tertiary education at NP, I can proudly say that, these 3 years were the best and the most well-spent. I found what i was passionate about, i opened my eyes to many things, i started living in the real world and stopped deluding myself into thinking that bad things only happened to me.

Here's something from me:
"Help yourself before asking people for help. Respect others if you want others to respect you. Only through putting in effort, can you succeed in life."

Just last week:

Everyone around me is talking about NS this and NS that.


........................................I miss school.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

yeah man! this is my 120th blog post. this blog has here since I was either in sec 1 or 2. I observed the way I blogged and I have realized huge change in how I connect my sentences together.
In the past, I used .... and more .... to separate my sentences. I seemed to be prim and proper during that time I blogged and with the magic (....), my ideas and words seemed to flow smoothly.

The holidays have long started and I received my exam results too. I'm happy with my score this time. I shall aim for gpa 4 again. I do want to get a Diploma with Merit after all~
I have studied hard so now, it's time for me to play hard.

Recently, i have been giving my sec 1 cousin, English tuition. I have been teaching him comprehension and summary techniques, sentence structure, intonation; highs and lows of sentences and of individual words (thanks to Advanced Speech Training module!) and even some of the phonetic symbols.

I would like to see my efforts to help my cousin reflected by my cousin's good results in his coming final year exam!

Yesterday, Tim, Jingxiang, Jinjin, Jocelyn, Jessica and me went to Sentosa. Being ME~ I was late as usual. (I know i know~ i wanna change that too guys!) XD the moment we were there, we had a common thought which was *OMG HUNGRY, FOOD! EAT!*
after spending god knows how long we spent at Vivocity, we finally traveled up the many long long long long escalatorsssss right to the top floor where the skytrain to Sentosa was.
Jingxiang and i was like, omg. why so many?
i said something like, "i don't think it's a queue bah! i think it's the gathering crowd who is waiting for their friends"
IT TURNED OUT THAT THE "GATHERING CROWD" was a QUEUE! OMGWTFBBQOMGOMGOMGOMGZOMGZOINKS!!! There was like 1872639876298765234 more people than we expected. if the 166298760980981984376 people there were all 10 times their weight, i bet the whole building will start sporting cracks along the wall and floor. haha.

Eventually, we decided to take a bus down sentosa. The bus station was also very crowded but it wasn't as bad as the skytrain station. The total human population at the bus station was APPROXIMATELY 263948756198273649821739487 divide by 100. *SHUCKS! you guys know that this is an exaggeration right?*
Parting with our precious $3, we boarded the bus and YAY! we were on our way to sentosa.
For the pictures, please view my Facebook profile photos for them. Posting up photos on blogger is the last thing that i would do. XD

We headed to Palawan beach after leaving the mini bus "depot" haha.
Things we did were:
1) playing with sand
2) Drinking water
3) playing volleyball
4) toileting
5) playing with sand
6) digging sand
7) eating snacks
8) digging sand and OMG THERE WAS A COLONY OF GREEN BEAN CRABS THAT WAS GATHERING AROUND MY FEET. LOL! i freaked out as i thought they were jellyfishes.
9) eating cup noodles
10) eating potato chips
11) playing sand
12) listening to music
13) talking crap. hah!
14) well, there was nothing much for us to do.

NExt time! we organize a more FUN outing. with less eating k! haha!

Booya! Next time!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ahh... i'm no longer on hiatus.
First! i needa reply some tags in my tagboard:

Jus: LOL! wa jing leh! can suan the kid also. eh! dig your nose so much, nose big how? next time as big as your toe then you know. XD

Kozine: haha! Let me listen to it one day k! then i want to kope from you the chord progression! haha!

Joc: lol! yeah. it was indeed fast! haha. Looks like my blog is still alive even though i'm not around. haha!

Okay. To start the actual blogpost...
Right now, all the year 3 ECH students are like having fun, enjoying... and exams would be a word that sounds distant.
Holidays for me:
1) Driving (hardcore) *i will finish learning driving on the 15th September.*
2) Japanese classes (every Friday evening)
3) My usual piano lessons (every Thursday evening.)
4) The usual teaching @ Sunday school (every Sunday *duh* lol.)
5) And MAYBE a part-time piano teacher job every saturday (9-6pm)
6) Exercising (hardcore) *NAFA is coming. Train up everyone!*
7) OF COURSE! how can i forget about gaming! JX and ML! hurry up with your exams! I'm dying from solo-ing in WoW.

for my driving lessons, all i can say is, driving is FUN AND more fun i guess? haha. during my first lesson, i was thinking, "WAH KAO! OMG! I AM MOVING THE CAR! MOVING! *amazed @ self" i completed my 3rd lesson just yesterday, 3 down, 22 more! haha!

haha. BYE!


Sunday, July 26, 2009