Friday, August 13, 2010

all right all right! i'll update!
My holidays started near the end of February and, now--- i'm still having my holidays!
Man! I want to study right now! Seeing so many of my friends starting school (some already started a few months back) makes me so envious. hmmm. maybe, i'm feeling more than just envious, i'm JEALOUS.

I travelled to 3 countries during my holidays.
Myanmar, Nepal and China (Fu Zhou).
Man! I'm not bragging or anything but, after my trip from Nepal, i didn't want to go to China. It was just too many aeroplane trips here and there. Some of the photographs are already on Facebook. (Sorry to those who are not my FB friends!)

Lately, i've been giving tuition to 3 kids, teaching piano to a primary school boy. I did 2 relief teaching sessions at Chua Chu Kang Pri. School for a music-keyboard programme.
Currently, i'm doing relief teaching at NUS-little skool house.
I'm just gonna get even busier.

Damn! Japanese class (elementary 2). Shiat! Test?

Even busier...
What? Sunday school teaching with my c0-teacher sitting down with the student to target question-bullets to shoot at me.
Gah! I'm dead meat.
Hah! Whatever! Even when i'm dead, i bet i'd still be busy. haha.

疲れた!もう いいよ!
ブライアンさん つかれたですよ!
ぼくわ て少しねむいんです!